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Saturday, 17 September 2016

whatsapp will no longer work on blackberry and nokia

WhatsApp at the end of this year, Nokia's platforms, including BlackBerry and Sport at Home with the old OS is closing. Ie after 2016 can not be used WhatsApp on Mobiles.
WhatsApp Facebook-owned company has said through his blog post. The company said that in addition to BlackBerry devices, Nokia S40, Nokia Symbian S60, Android 2.1, 2.2 and Windows Phone 7.1 operating system on phones will not WhatsApp.

The company wrote in the post, "These are the mobile part of our history. But now we're gonna feature in the app in the future, according to them they are not mobile-enabled. " WhatsApp messaging service on the users have said that they continue to use their mobile campaigns.
It is written, "For us it was hard to decide, but in the direction of people connecting via WhatsApp This step is essential. If you are affected by these Mobiles, we recommend that before the end of 2016 the new Android, iPhone or Windows Mobile purchase. "
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Man Sues Samsung After Galaxy Note 7 Allegedly Exploded

Man Sues Samsung After Galaxy Note 7 Allegedly Exploded

The blast occurred on the phone with this person named Jonathan Strobel's body was burned in several places. Jonathan has filed a lawsuit against Samsung. Mobile phones came a day after the news of the burst, when nearly a million by Samsung in Note 7 phone battery is recalled due to malfunctioning.
According to the US safety regulator, since the country of 92 Shikyten overheat the battery of the Samsung Note 7 has received, including the burning of 26 people and 55 reports of property damage. 28-year-old Jonathan "The Costco store on September 9, when he was in Palm Beach Gardens, when suddenly his pants pocket suddenly exploded in Note 7. It burned in several places in his right thigh. "
According to lawyer Jonathan Keith Piyero, call blast caused their client was unconscious for a while, took her time to recover from this shock. Further sustained serious injuries on his client's body. All this for the compensation of losses at Samsung Electronics America Inc. have registered a case.This is the first case in the US linked to the prevalence of 7.
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